About us

Pashmina Lounge

Pashmina Lounge was started to bring the beautiful and pure pashmina products to UK. It was very frustrating to see everything being sold in the name of pashmina. Hailing from the Kashmir valley, it dawned upon us to bring our tradition in the UK in its purest form.

We specialise in luxury pashmina woven from only pure yarns (never blended) using traditional methods but with an awareness of contemporary style and colour. We source eyecatching, individual pieces of exceptional quality, many being hand-woven or hand-embroidered by highly skilled artisans.

Our team

We're a British family business. We provide the same pashmina as many high end stores, but are happily confident that our prices are amongst the lowest that you can possibly find. We work directly with international suppliers to get you the best prices, and do our best to ensure that products reach you safely and quickly.

All our products are made from Himalayan pashmina, to create soft pashmina. We only buy from countries with direct access to cashmere goats - India and Nepal. Fine Indian silk is blended with Pashmina to create our silk range. We do not sell or supply any viscose, acrylic or other low-quality fabric - everything you buy from us is guaranteed to be the real thing.

In fact, we're so convinced you'll love our products that everything comes with a satisfaction guarantee - if you're really not happy, you may return your item for a full refund.